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This project started in 2015 with a simple objective: To reduce the marginalization of individuals with physical differences, as well as to make a statement on the importance of physiotherapy in terms of wellbeing and prevention of disease.

The project FisioPeñas was started in 2015, an initiative of Guido Barindelli (a student physiotherapist in the University of the Milan) and Topio Antonio Zavatarelli. 

Physiotherapists visit the communities regularly (around once every 3 months), guaranteeing free physiotherapy for the population of the plateau.

About Us

Where we Opeprate

The ‘Headquarters’ as you could say, is in the clinic located in the “Virgen De La Navidad” in Peñas. Here the physiotherapists assist victims of accidents, illnesses, pathologies, and neurological conditions, in collaboration with a local doctor, Irene Mita.


We also give our services to local health centers, located in the proximity of Peñas, such as the ones in Kerani, Batallas, and Chuñavi, where we collaborate with local medics and nurses.

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Home Assistance

From 2015, many generous donations have allowed the volunteers to purchase a Jeep, meaning they can now provide assistance directly at home if the person involved cannot reach the clinic.

We also owe special thanks to our translator Mariela Mamani, who participates in day to day operations and in maintaining relations with the local population. 


In June 2019, we started a project in collaboration with the Physiotherapy course of the University ‘USMA’ of La Paz. Students attending this course take part in weekly activities in the clinic and provide home-assistance as part of their internship.

This collaboration also helps connect the people of the city to these rural environments.

We do this with the intention that, if the need arises, we will be able to leave the clinic in the hands of these local volunteers, interns and doctors



Alessia Cardelli    +39 3337370748

Andrea Frisone    +39 3343578838 

For Information Contact Us:

Alessia Cardelli    +39 3337370748

Andrea Frisone    +39 3343578838 

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