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How to reach us

The refuge is reachable from:

- Cornalba (Trail "CAI" 503 and/or panoramico) 1h45. 600 m elevation. *

- Serina (Trail "CAI" 502 from "Passo del Sapplì") 2h. 600 m elevation

Passo di Zambla (Trail "CAI" 501)

   2h15. 550 m elevation

*There are two CAI 503 trails, one more direct through a narrow valley, and one labled "panoramico", or panoramic that is more scenic and passes through pastures and lakes.

Trails starting from the refuge

Summit  Monte Alben (2020m) from "Passo della Forca" (trail CAI 503 and 501), with the possibility of hiking a loop trail, passing through the "Campelli" peak and descending through the valley with the radio repeater.

- Peak of the Cross (Cima della Croce) (1975m) from "passo della Forca" (trail CAI 503)

Mount Succhello (1541 m) passing through the "Passo di Barbata"

Ferrata Maurizio. Starting from the "piani dell'Alben" and ariving at the "Cima della Croce" (1975 m)

- Climbing facade "Torrione Brassamonti" (Routes from beginner to expert, both single and multi-pitch)

For information on La Cordillera contact us:

cellulare: +39 375 6489428
fisso:         +39 0345 1776235

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